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A youth oriented e-journal based in India, bringing out the best in literary & creative spaces. We are trying to create a platform which serves as a vessel to project the passions of the young population, and clue in readers as to what inspires them in this crazy world.

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About Us

In the last few decades, the literature and artistic industries have grown significantly. However, as a young person entering the artistic community, it can be difficult to find a valuable place to highlight your work. All Ears is a network for young people. People who are only getting started in the creative industry. We believe that any newcomer provides genuine and powerful stories to share, and that those stories should be heard. We are all ears to hear your story.

Project Nature AI by Megan Watson

Submissions Open

Submit your work and get featured on our digital platform as a regular columnist or as a guest writer. We accept submissions from all over the world and from only young or student writers. Submissions for magazine issues are currently closed.

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Follow our daily features by young, opinionated and creative columnists. Prose, poetry, art, we got you all covered.

Project Nature AI by Megan Watson