Guidelines For Submission

Submissions are closed presently. Stay tuned for new announcements.



We accept prose ranging from fiction to non-fiction. Short stories, essays, flash fiction, reviews on films/books, literary criticism and non-fictional articles, are all welcome.

There is no set word limit, however your work should have 300 words minimum to be considered in this category.

Please send your work file as .docx or .doc file only.

Work should be composed in Verdana, Ariel, or Times New Roman (or comparable fonts—no fancy fonts, please) 12 pt., double-spaced, with pages numbered.


Our heart is set on poetry which gives a compelling pay-off to our readers. 

We accept various poetic styles and forms. There is no specific word limitation or any limit to the rhythms or patterns, however, your poem should not exceed maximum of two pages. Short fictional prose(s) are also welcome and would be published under this category. 

Please send your work file as .docx or .doc file only.

Work should be composed in Verdana, Ariel, or Times New Roman (or comparable fonts—no fancy fonts, please) 12 pt., double-spaced, with pages numbered.

Visual Art

Please submit your photography, art work, digital art, caricatures/cartoons, sketches, paintings or illustrations in .jpg or .png format. It should be sent as a PDF or JPEG file.

You can submit a single piece of work or a series of work.

We appreciate all sorts of styles and techniques. The room for creativity is always open for our visitors. 

Accepting from a broad range of themes such as: social, cultural, political, global and personal.

Each piece of work should have a suitable caption when submitting a series. 

If submitting only a single piece of work, it should have a short description of fewer than 500 words.

Note: It may take longer for us to respond to visual art submissions.


E-mail Format

Keep in mind the following set of norms to be followed when e-mailing your submission.

  1. Send all your submissions to: allearsorg@outlook.com

  2. We publish under three categories: Prose, Poetry & Visual Art. Your work should be titled as “Submission: XYZ Category; Title” in the subject of the mail along with creator’s name. 

  3. To submit, please compile your work relating to one category in a single word/google document, it should be sent in .docx or .doc format for prose & poetry.

  4. If you’re sending in content for Art Work or Photographs, attach the said pieces separately in clear quality with JPG or PNG format.

  5. In the body of the email, please include a short cover letter describing the work and a brief bio of yourself written in third person.

  6. If you want to send your work for more than one category, please send us the same in different emails under different subjects.

  7. We try our best to send a confirmation email stating that we've received your submission and it is being reviewed. If your work isn’t selected for the current week, please wait for at least one week before resubmitting. This ensures we give voice and a chance to everyone in the youth community.


Community Guidelines

No Discrimination

  1. We do not accept any submission discriminatory in nature. 

  2. Work that includes racism, homophobia, trans-phobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, misogyny, able-ism, bigotry, graphic sexual content, gratuitous violence, sexual assault or foul language would be discarded immediately. 

  3. Targeting or threatening any single person or a community would not be dealt with either.

  4. We expect our audience to be respectful towards all genders, sexuality, faiths and communities.

  5. Please include necessary trigger warnings in your email (i.e., self-harm, eating disorders, references to suicide, etc.).

No Plagiarism

  1. We do not accept work already published.

  2. We reject plagiarized content. One can not submit somebody else’s piece of work under their own name. 

  3. Citing of sources & providing valid links/photographs is necessary when stating a fact or an incident. 

  4. Quotation marks should be used when recounting words by someone else. False claims or information is not accepted.

  5. Incorrect facts or unreliable sources would be rejected.

  6. It is the author's responsibility to make sure the submitted work does not contain any libellous material; the submitting author must also certify that what they have submitted is an original work.