Issue 1


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Poetry Contributors

Hameedah Aruwa

A sprouting writer from Nigeria, who expresses her passions in poetry and prose. Her works have appeared/are forthcoming in Praxis Magazine, Sledgehammer Lit, and Eboquills. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Greta Unetich

A poet native to Buffalo, NY. She currently attends Ithaca College, and is a writer for Buzzsaw Magazine, and Kindergarten Magazine. You can find her on Instagram.

Cynth Torres

A non-binary Latinx student, currently pursing a Bachelor's in Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. They can be found outside in the woods working on their magic or inside, sitting improperly on chairs while balancing multiple tabs at once.

M. P. Armstrong

A disabled queer writer from Ohio. They are the author of two poetry chapbooks: who lives like this for such a cheap price (Flower Press), and the truth about the sky (Selcouth Station), a reader for Prismatica Magazine, and an editor for Fusion and Curtain Call magazines. You can find them on their Website, Twitter, and Instagram.

Riya Rajayyan

A first year college going student with interests in poetry, painting, and music. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Nameera Anjum Khan

She believes that poetry is a voice that can never be subjugated. Her work has been published in anthologies such as ‘World on Trial: The Earth’s Grand Vengeance’ by Witchesnpink, ‘Inked Fables’ by The Inked Square, and 'The Kali Project' by Indie Blue Publishing. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and her Website.

Anushka Bidani

A 20 y/o poet & essayist from India. She's the editor-in-chief at Headcanon Magazine. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, and her Website.

Sarah Bigault

Writing poetry and scribbling down rants that rhyme has always been an outlet for her. Here's an attempt to put a smile on someone's face. You can find her as “Readership:me” on Instagram.

Isha Sharma

A Delhi-based writer, presently working with an education consultancy. She is passionate about reading, writing, feminism, social issues, and binge-watching. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Medium.

Divisha Mohan

She completed her masters in Irish History from Dublin City University, and is currently a Public Relations intern at the Ireland India Council. Her interests include transcontinental connections, feminism, and gender history.

Sneha Krishnan

A researcher, poet and writer — her poetry, essays and stories have been published in Jaggery Lit, Feminism In India, Medium and The Wire, amongst many others. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.


A researcher in Stylistics at the University of Huddersfield. Kimberley uses her knowledge of stylistics and language to channel her writing of poetry and convey emotions. You can find her on Twitter, and on her Website.

Mukta Halbe

A women's rights lawyer, and a writer who splits her time between scribbling bad poetry in tiny notebooks — and dreaming about opening a book-cafe in the mountains. You can find her on LinkedIn.

Candice Sanchez

A resilient person who believes in the best for everyone, and a strong advocate who participates in activism as much as she can. She is really passionate about telling controversial topics through forms of poetry and prose.

Swagatika Sarangi

A cheerleader for solitude, she writes, performs poems & stories, makes zines, and goes on dates with art. Living in Bangalore, she is a copywriter by profession. Her poems have been published by Ayaskala, Zineabaad, amongst many others. You can find her on Instagram.


Visual Art Contributors

Jaidev Tripathy

An architecture student who attempts to understand the role of space and structure in an urban society, exploring cultures and behaviours within. He views the world and his position within it through the same lens — one with layers of profound nuances. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter.

Sanjana Singh

A 22 y/o aspiring designer and artist from Guwahati, Assam; she is currently pursuing Master's degree in Social Design from Ambedkar University Delhi, while also working as a writer and consultant for an Interior Design firm. You can find her on Instagram and Tumblr.

Namitha Hebbal

A.K.A Mittu, is an architect, interior designer and the maker of all things at ‘Mittumade.’ Considering how varied her influences are, collage making is a perfect medium as it is not bound by a hard and fast rule for her. You can find her on Instagram.

Priyanshi Jaiswal

A lover of all things creative, including photography, poetry, and other forms of expression. She has also published a collection of her poems in a book titled “A Beautiful Turtle.” You can find her on Instagram.

Deepikah R. Bhardwaj

An interdisciplinary artist based in Bangalore, India. Trained in Communication design from Delhi, she uses painting and installation art to express issues related to gender, self-worth, and perception. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and her Website.

S. Goldminson Aimol

Based in Delhi, Aimol is from Manipur, currently pursuing BFA, College of Art, New Delhi. They work in acrylic and oil, into nature based painting and portrayal. You can find them on Instagram.

Irina Novikova

Drawing began to interest her from an early age; the first subjects for her were the birds and animals around. She is an Art Critic, graduated from (State Academy of Slavic Cultures), and also a graphic designer. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram.

Elizabeth Chernyshova

A Moscow based artist, who started in late 2016, making fanart for her favorite music band. Today, she is focused on her artistic process and development of her vision. You can find her on Instagram, and her Website.

Vera Nikolaeva

A free spirited traveler artist. She was born in Saint - Petersburg, Russia, and has worked and studied in Moscow for 5 years; currently based in Istanbul. You can find her on her Website.

John Boudreau

Currently based in Los Angeles, California. He is a juried international award-winning and published artist. John believes it is important to continue to grow as an artist and he hopes to continue to contribute to society’s diverse culture. You can find him on Instagram, and his Website.


A passionate travel, street, social-documentary, conceptual, and pop visual artist based in Tenerife, Spain. He feels obsessed with the pop culture that he shows in his works. You can find him on Instagram, Flickr, and his Website.

Yuu Ikeda

A Japan based poet, she loves writing, reading mystery novels, and drinking sugary coffee. She writes poetry on her Website. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram.

Yasha Shrivastava

An art enthusiast, illustrator, visual artist, and researcher based out of Madhya Pradesh, India. She produces artwork that unabashed challenges the perspectives women have of themselves. You can find her on Instagram.


A multidisciplinary artist based in Indonesia. His works involve various forms of art such as painting, drawing, collage, even memes. You can find him on Instagram.

Simran Kaur

A surrealist, creative photographer, and an artist. She is Punjabi, and is currently based in London. You can find her on Instagram, and on her Website.

Cat Cka

A creative photographer and visual artist who loves to experiment with colours and different styles.


Prose Contributors

Chukwuemeka Famous

Born in Africa with a degree in Microbiology, he began writing a literary blog during his university days where he has published a number of short stories and poems. You can find him on Twitter and Instagram.

Medha Khetpal

A writer who expresses her passions in prose writing. You can find her on Instagram.

Lincoln Hartz

A young teen writer from Virginia, USA. Hartz specializes in absurdist character-driven comedy, and hopes to be a writer and comedian in the future. You can find him on Twitter.

Simra Sadaf

She has pursued her Master’s in English Literature from Chennai, India. She has an abundant knowledge about the workings of a society which she incorporates in her writings. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Aayush Sharma

A second year Literature student who is obsessed with theatre, films and politics. He likes to read plays, novels, short stories, poems, and practices theatre as an amateur.


Guest Features

Teshi Sharma

A debater, blogger, who absolutely loves traveling. She prides herself on her cooking skills, having received a great response from her smoke alarms. Her hobbies also include reading, spoiling movies/series and being sarcastic. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and on her Blog.

Rushali Thacker

She claims to have her unwavering love for sunsets, ice cream, and mountains. She'd be more than willing to spend her life in the mountains reading, writing, soaked in music, and never having to miss a sunset. You can find her on Instagram.

Harnoor Mann

While everyone praises roses and the moon, Harnoor gets a little more excited with stars and sunflowers. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Priyal Gaur

She was wandering around in a creative land, stopping at every stop to learn something new and ended up here, to express her art through words. She is a reader, a fashion enthusiast, an artist and a little of everything around it. You can find her on her Blog and Instagram.

Mitushi Mehndiratta

You can always write to express, but can you write to conceal? An engineering student who finds her passion in writing, Mitushi is an engineering student who also finds her interest in sketching, painting and public speaking. You can find her on Instagram.