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Amya Roy

Founder & Editor In Chief

Amya Roy (she/her) is a writer & editor from New Delhi, India. She has written about feminism, women’s health, cinema, books and lifestyle, currently focusing more on narrative journalism and longform writing. Along with volunteering with different NGO(s) working for women and children, she helps in editing and proofreading at various small-scale publications.

Samiksha Ransom

Managing Editor

Samiksha Tulika Ransom (she/her) is a poet and writer from India. She usually picks her themes from the everyday experiences of human living. The existential dilemma that life brings with it, dominates her work. She is the author of The Blue Sky and I. Her work also appears in the Colorism Healing Writing Contest 2020 anthology and LitGleam magazine. Samiksha loves journaling, sketching and clicking pictures.


Oskar Leonard

Oskar Leonard (he/him) is a self-published author, poet and amateur illustrator. He has written five books: three novels, a novella and a poetry anthology. His pieces have been featured in publications like the All Ears e-Journal, Four All Zine and Potted Purple Mag. With a keen love for literature and an eye for detail, he is passionate about his work at All Ears.

Devika Mathur

Devika Mathur (she/her) is a bilingual poet/curator who resides in India. Her work has been published in Madras Courier, Kitaab.org, Selcouth Station, Whisper and the Roar, and Sudden Denouement Literary Collective, to name a few. She has written for more than 40 journals.

Harshita Mishra

Harshita Mishra (she/her) is a student who perhaps loves reading more than she loves sleeping. She is an indie movie buff and listens to obscure 80s bands like America and Beach House. She works as a senior editor at Videre, an online writing space for budding writers. She is into popular literature, philosophy and writing anecdotes.

Suhana Simran

Suhana Simran (she/her) is a poet/writer based in Delhi, India. Aside from scribbling poetry at the back of her notebook, she juggles between academics and parliamentary debating. She has a simplistic style of writing that portrays raw unadulterated emotions and deeper ideas on the self and society.

Rachel Blair

Rachel Blair (she/her) has surrounded herself in the world of the arts, but it is writing that she has enjoyed for as long as she can remember. She is most inspired by activism and tries to keep her writing true, creative and raw. Rachel has a published piece of prose, various published works of poetry, and enjoys freelance writing whenever time and energy allows. She writes for her university radio station and performs with various symphonies.