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13 Seconds by Alejandra Rubio

You are imprisoned on my lips,

hooked to my memory you remain,

and like an artist on ones work,

I let dissolve between these pages

the bittersweet sensation you provoke.

Thirteen seconds I think of you every day

while I read, write, and look at the sky,

but with paper and the ink of my pen.


I can transform your sweet memory:

thirteen months, thirteen years, thirteen centuries.

And what better offering

than the promise of perpetuity?

As infinite as the vast universe

and as insatiable as a black hole,

I find myself when I think about you

for thirteen seconds.


Alejandra Rubio is a 20 y/o Graphic Design student who writes and draws in her free time. During these breaks she pours her heart into what she does: It’s the only time when her captive soul — who’s overwhelmed with all the problems that are happening around her — feels truly free.


Editor: Harshita Mishra (@_peanutbutterandjim_)

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