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285 XXXX Street

Written By: Rami Obeid

Through streets of filth

And odors from hell,

The shop owner burns slowly

In the midst of fatigue times five.

Mothers running in circles with

Busted brains jump out of taxis

On the highway.

When you book your seat on the train

Be mindful of piss and shit and blood,

Lemon wipes are too expensive.

In the afternoon of convenience stores,

Yellow fingers grab at lottery tickets

And then tip-toe back to concrete on

The withdrawal, where they drink cheap coffee

And wait for the knock of bank deposits.

Cold windows and dirty curtains

Try to keep the sun out

But my ankles are shot and warm

Beneath ripped, black socks.

In the back alley of the ghetto,

You will find octaves of synthetic happiness.

Rami Obeid is a poet from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a poetry contributor and reader for Versification Zine, and his work coming out this December in Door is A Jar and have been published in Stone of Madness Press, Trampset, Serotonin Poetry, and Lucky Pierre Zine. Follow him at Twitter: @obeid_ro.

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