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A Poem After Five Hours of Animal Crossing by Lucy Pettigrew

Art work by Emily Kray (https://emilykray.com/)

I miss you so hard

I keep crying over spoken word poetry

why can’t I forget?

why is everything falling apart

ten times over?

I’m the last one in this ghost town

I need my own apartment

outskirts of London

somewhere I feel whole

I spend all of my time missing you

there’s too many books to read and to be honest I’d rather just play animal crossing

the animals don’t tell me what the right way to heal is

they take trauma and mold it into neatly wrapped gifts

if I want to write terrible poems about you that’s what I’ll do

I can’t even use my private Instagram

who knew leaving a group chat could hurt this deep

who knew I’d miss a train station

who knew being 253 miles away from your girlfriend could make you want to

risk public transport in the middle of a pandemic

I want to be held like a delicate thing

I want to fall apart in your hands

I’ve fallen apart in my own enough

kiss me

Lucy Pettigrew is a poet based in England. She has been writing poems since the age of 15 and was shortlisted in the Hive Young Writer’s competition in 2019 and received an honorable mention in the 2020 CandleLit competition. She has written for Comma Press, Mad Alice Records and Words Matter. She has just completed her undergraduate degree in English Literature.

Read other published work: https://www.allearsindia.com/weekly-publications

Edited by: Harshita Mishra (https://www.instagram.com/_peanutbutterandjim_/)

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