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A Process by Sofia Lipinsky

What am I to you?

A demon in the making, standing on the edge of the end of the world,

breathing in fumes and slurping down glue.

So high my vision starts to curl

and whirl in a fascinating assortment of colors.

Red, and grey, and red, and red.

The stinging coddles me, my only lover.

I forgot to take my meds.

You never answered my question.

What is my purpose as your baby, your sunshine, your best friend?

If you fall headfirst it feels like ascension;

I never want that sensation to end.

My nose lights like an ember as I craft an ocean.

Everything is blurry, I can’t tell if you glanced

my way, it's hard when you can’t feel rhythm in motion.

I can’t move right, but I can dance.

I’m not really sure how to end this.

A simile, a message, a smile.

I am loved, and I will be missed.

I think I’ll be sticking around a while.

Sofia Lipinsky is a young, avid writer that lives in Yorba Linda, California. She has submitted a short story to The Orange Cat writing journal. She writes short stories and poems that she submits to her school, Orange County School of the Arts. She submitted a spoken poem to a podcast named Vulture Culture, and will continue her pursuit to be published.

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