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Amnesia by Sachin Rana

I will let the sea recite my poems

And the waves carry my words,

My mouth is sealed

And my eyes cannot talk.

Sands of time haunt me

So does the cosmic clock.

I know time is relative.

I look at the damp red wall in front of me,

Some photo frames,

A broken mirror,

A calendar hanging.

Have old pictures with faces

I don’t recognize;

They look happy.

The broken mirror

Splits my reflection into two;

I can’t remember the second one.

The calendar

Has some dates marked,

But I can’t remember.

Sachin Rana is a filmmaker, screenwriter, poet from Dehradun, India. He made his first film Dear Addiction which was a student project at the age of 19 and has made 2 more films since then (Gods Still Dance in the Himalayas and Talab both in their post-production phase). He completed his graduation in Computer Science from University of Delhi in 2019 and is currently a freelance filmmaker and screenwriter. Sachin wrote his first poem and short story at the age of 15 and has been writing since then, and his poems can be found on different websites including Kavita Kosh

Editor: Rachel Blair (@broken_barbie26)

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