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Artwork by Devina Sasson

Devina's featured artwork is a collection of prints, drawings, and paintings.

In her words, "My approach, at times, unconventional and not traditionally methodical, is always intuitive and guided by emotional inspiration. Usually, the portraits are of the people I know and have a deep sense of connection with and are often developed from simple drawings or college studies in my sketchbook.

Prints for me are timeless portals into memory, history, and personality, making and appreciating one can be a meditative process and is especially relevant in today's world of short attention spans. My art is my visual diary and the creative process for me is a means of processing, expressing, and organizing my inner and outer worlds.

Being more of an introvert, the solitude, nature of materials used, and rigor of the printmaking process give me space, time, and stillness to work on my vision as an artist and the things that hold insight and value to me."



Devina Sasson is a recent BFA graduate from Chamarajendra government school of art (CAVA) in Mysore, karnataka, India. In her BFA, she specialized in printmaking and painting. Her work consists of woodcuts, etchings, paintings and photographs.


You can find the above artwork featured in: To The Girl in The Mirror & Madness In Anxiety

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