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Bim Bom by Udita Mukherjee

Art: Impressionism Mother Daughter Art from Pinterest

The following piece of poetry is published under An Archive for Our Mothers a literary archive created by All Ears to celebrate Mothers' Day 2021.


Distressed jeans

Eased minds

That’s how simple

You make life

Without you I’d be having

Breakfast for dinner

A really hard time

And junk food at midnight

It’s the little things

The constant bickering

About anything and everything

The fastest make ups

How you say everything ten times

Which is probably why I’ve learnt

To tune you out the first nine times

I know it’d make anyone mad

Your sweet superstitions

Your habit of going on talking

Till you get whatever it is you want

I admire it but I’ll never say it out loud

You can sweet talk your way

Into or out of anything

It’s annoying really

But I secretly smile when you’re not looking

How or why you love me so much

I’ll never understand

But if I was in your shoes

I’d have disowned me a long time ago

Anything good I binge-watch

I love to share with you

You teach me so much

I figure I’d explain a thing or two

You listen to all I say

I know it’s hard sometimes

You break the stereotypes

When you see things from my point of view

Your bedtime tales with morals

Made me who I am

I just hope you know

I love you always

Everyone isn’t lucky enough

To get a mother like you

I want to say that

So people know

Never take your mom for granted

She deserves the best

For putting up with you

And turning your happiness into hers.

By: Udita Mukherjee


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