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Bleeding Blue

Written By: Sheha Saha

Today as I’ll go to sleep

On the highest ledge of my insomnia

With the river of oblivion rising above me;

The blood in my veins

Draining out to form

Castles of the dark dungeons of my thoughts-

There are whispers I’ll hear

As tranquil as the melancholy

Settling all over me

But now I’ve grown immune to the silence,

I have begun to love the war in my head,

The bombardment of severe illusions

That I’ve grown to love the rot.

When my soul was seized by the eerie blues

Where light can’t reach, where light gives up

But the clouds keep surrounding me

Complementing my claustrophobia-

The pain and pleasure singing in harmony

I cried out moans of my ghost leaving me

Ever so gently

Ever so painfully

Like the soft spoken voice of a wounded soldier.

So today as I’ll go to sleep

On the highest ledge of my insomnia

Suppressing the pain,

Repressing the desire,

Like the song in the nightingale’s throat

Even when it’s not singing

I’ll look up, I’ll look

Long and hard at the ceiling of my blue-walled room

I’ll feel blue and maybe for the first time

I’ll start bleeding blue too.

Sheha Saha is an eighteen-year-old aspiring writer, spoken word poet and artist. Through her writing, she always likes to engage herself with topics relating to mental health, healing and femininity. Being a slam poet also, she often speaks against all the various societal stereotypes and misogyny. Her work has also been published in various online literary sites and as part of anthologies.

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