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Broken But Whole by Sheha Saha

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Art by Emily Kray

Title: Oh, Tilda

I am more beautiful

broken and torn.

Tangled and covered in scars-

Scars on my body,

like the rings of trees

Reminding me I’m growing.

Thus, I made a world out of myself

and built a home with all the pieces

I believed, were empty.

I opened my arms and carved out my chest,

into a place where flaws have existence

and mistakes happen daily.

A place where forgiveness isn’t just given by me,

but to me, for me,

no matter how undeserving I think I am.

​I know, I’m marked with regrets and mistakes

But, you see, I believe

People are more earth than they are skin.

So, I’ll bloom in colors that are bold

and break but be whole.

I want to be so wrecked by this world-

The wind, and the thunder

The morning dew in the blades of grass,

that bunch at my feet.

I know, they shall judge me.

From the outside,

After all, the most beautiful things

are often the hardest to see.

​So let’s catch tears and paint skin covered in scars

Let’s be broken together,

so that they can see we are

whole when we are fragile.

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Sheha Saha is an eighteen-year-old aspiring writer, spoken word poet and artist. Through her writing, she always likes to engage herself with topics relating to mental health, healing and femininity. Being a slam poet also, she often speaks against all the various societal stereotypes and misogyny. Her work has also been published in various online literary sites and as part of anthologies.

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Edited by:

Devika Mathur


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