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Calm Down, It’s All Virtual

Reality Trigger Warning:

Hey guys, welcome back to my column. Today, I will tell you how you can get better skin, of course, without knowing anything about your skin type or how harshly some chemicals can affect skin types. It worked for me, so I will assume it'll work for you as well. Sounds a bit off towards the end, right?

"How to get into shape in 20 days? Wondering how you can get [add some actress's name] like flawless skin?" You know what we are talking about, even you witness them all the time. I am not ashamed to admit that I have watched or read this content just because they are so catchy and attention-grabbing with cover images that we can't ignore.

I dug a little deeper and tried to find out why without a thought, we end up visiting these sites. It is because of our insecurities. Yes, we have an image in our head that shows us. If we looked like this, we would be considered beautiful. The catch here is a lot of us have a similar image and the internet knows that as well, so they keep suggesting us the tips and tricks to look a certain way.

Image Source: JollyBigLive.ru

Once I was talking about this to a friend when she shared her story. She always had an image in her head about her appearance, her perfect body. If she achieves that look, it'll be all she needs to be happy. So she started working towards this goal, going one step at a time, climbed her mountain, and her hard work paid off. She looked how she imagined. Finally, she was at the peak. But guess what, she didn't find that magical feeling. The element she thought would be waiting for her as she reaches that goal wasn't there. All this pain and work it took gave her nothing but some society's validation which she wasn't even focusing on. So she sat down and looked all around and wondered how I got here. On her path of becoming "perfect" she lost herself, she forgot to see the flowers and beautiful skies while climbing the mountain. She took a breath and looked inside and realized all she needed to be perfect was to love herself first and then all these mountains would be just a fun climb.

We witness tons of advice, opinions, and sometimes help on the internet. With this, there are unnecessary opinions that can affect us sternly. So let me tell you something, the internet is a place where most people show the best part of their lives. I am not against it, It's their platform, and they decorate it with what they want to showcase. Unfortunately, we perceive that as reality and compare that with our hidden mess. When you see someone on the internet with all their happy moments put in a grid, don't start comparing, maybe, dance a little on the song that they made a very aesthetic reel on. Remember everyone has different stories, some show them as pictures, some use reels, and some keep it off the media.

Artwork: Simplicity In Beauty by Tanuj Swarnakar

Social media has its pros and cons. Sometimes it leads to misinformation. A rumor starts people click-share-forward without thinking much. These days it has become so common that we fail to understand the intensity. Why do we believe them? Here's what I've got. We are so proud to have this technology that can connect us like this. It's easy, cheap and convenient. If you get a forwarded message or a social media post, how often do you go on some official site to confirm? Rarely. It's solely because that's too much work. You would rather forward the same message to another set of people and feel all cool. Talking about COVID-2019, many measures to cure coronavirus were shared and are still shared. Saying consuming certain ingredients have "proven" or advised by doctors to be the ultimate cure of the disease. How covid-19, a pandemic is a political propaganda or a myth. We read them, we may or may not apply them but, we surely forward them to many. Some misinformation are for mere attention or hatred or to sell solutions to an afraid, unaware audience. Such information can sometimes harm people, communities and create an unnecessary situation.

So let's try to be a little aware and not take everything on the internet so seriously. If you get news or information through social media or any unofficial site, take a deep breath, do some research before reacting. Remember, it is just the internet. Take it easy on your mental health and do things that remind you there's much more outside the world of the internet. Like what?

Read a book.

Go for a walk and listen to your favorite music!

Dance your heart out.

Look at the beautiful sky.

Try playing old school Ludo. (this way, your sibling won't say it's computerized when you win)

If nothing helps. Try running like Phoebe. It can never go wrong.


Priyal Gaur was wandering around in a creative land, stopping at every stop to learn something new and ended up here, to express her art through words. She is a reader, a fashion enthusiast, an artist and a little of everything around it. You can find her on her Blog and Instagram.

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