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Chai by Rushali Thacker

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Photograph by Tammy Pineda

Title: Fog

Of weekend mornings with Maa's perfectly moderately spiced tea,

Of sleepovers at a friend's home who is a certified compulsive tea drinker,

Of a drowsy friend who dislikes tea but drank half a cup

before it dawned on her that it wasn't coffee,

Of a friend who drinks tea in a bowl

not a cup, not a saucer, but a bowl.

Of brewing adequately strong tea the night before exams to not doze off,

Of the frantic laughter sessions that grew stronger along the way,

Of falling asleep as the empty cup makes a thud on the table.

Of sleepy morning sacrifices for a cup of tea at the hostel,

Of the best chai pe charcha conversations,

Of hostel life that made me fall head over heels for tea.

Of the slightly sugary tea at Nani's home,

Of burnt tongues over a late hot cup of tea,

Of the that's-not-tea look on my face when offered green tea,

Of tea not savored, for each sip is no tea at all.

Of the wholeness I feel holding a book in one hand and a cup of tea in the other,

Of early Sunday mornings that made me linger on the words a little longer,

I found the most alluring ones over a cup of tea.

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Rushali Thacker (she/her) claims to have her unwavering love for sunsets, ice cream, and mountains. She'd be more than willing to spend her life in the mountains reading, writing, soaked in music, and never having to miss a sunset.

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