Photograph by @jseigar

They say it gets mechanical,

They say I am a robot,

Ticking off tasks,

Day in and day out,

Living through checklists,

Binding life in schedules.

I say it gives me purpose,

To wake up another day,

It sails my boat,

On dullest days,

Fueling my weakened conscience ,

Reviving the battle within,

On days, not so fair.

I say it gives me acceptance 

A feeling of fulfillment, 

Devoid of self doubt

Of struggling, 

With your own heart 

On days, 

I forget to smile.

I say it won't matter

How I struggled,

As long as I lasted

Surviving throughout,

As long as I rose 

To reap what I sowed.

And believe me, 

There'll be nothing 

But ecstatic contentment 

And a heart filled with joy


In all its worldly boundations.

This poem is written by Shikha Sharma, who hails from India.

You can find her on Instagram as - @oh.womaniyaa

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