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Chhichhore in Real Life

The sunshine appears to have more of a honey hue than the usual yellow color, and it either hits you with a sound sleep or with nostalgia. The honey hue splashing on the wall while crossing the white curtains and then resting on the bookshelf at the end. A cool breeze greets the entire room with a smile, and as I sat on the edge of the bed, phone in hand, staring at those faces with tears on the verge, a time lapse of memories visited its victim once again.

Sunira, aka my soulmate; no day is ever the same when with her. She will either kill you or drown you in a pool of embarrassment, but she will always remind you how important it is to live and not just exist. Muskaan, a friend in whom you may confide your life, and a decision maker when you are unable to make one for yourself.

Drishti, aka my wife. You cannot make it to your classes if you don’t have Drishti in your life. A selfless soul with no intention of hurting any single soul makes her even purer. Tammy, our Guru in every way possible. If the house is on fire and you find one person who is calm as a feather it will be Tammy. Nischint, a girl with big dreams but cries over abs, but calls for a cheat day every other day.

Jaduu, aka Nandini. A friend who is your dresser and has complete control over your wardrobe. We made the journey to pay for French language course but returned home with Web Designing; I knew I could find her in every terrible mistake I made. But, we'll ace it eventually, sigh.