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Chhichhore in Real Life

The sunshine appears to have more of a honey hue than the usual yellow color, and it either hits you with a sound sleep or with nostalgia. The honey hue splashing on the wall while crossing the white curtains and then resting on the bookshelf at the end. A cool breeze greets the entire room with a smile, and as I sat on the edge of the bed, phone in hand, staring at those faces with tears on the verge, a time lapse of memories visited its victim once again.

Sunira, aka my soulmate; no day is ever the same when with her. She will either kill you or drown you in a pool of embarrassment, but she will always remind you how important it is to live and not just exist. Muskaan, a friend in whom you may confide your life, and a decision maker when you are unable to make one for yourself.

Drishti, aka my wife. You cannot make it to your classes if you don’t have Drishti in your life. A selfless soul with no intention of hurting any single soul makes her even purer. Tammy, our Guru in every way possible. If the house is on fire and you find one person who is calm as a feather it will be Tammy. Nischint, a girl with big dreams but cries over abs, but calls for a cheat day every other day.

Jaduu, aka Nandini. A friend who is your dresser and has complete control over your wardrobe. We made the journey to pay for French language course but returned home with Web Designing; I knew I could find her in every terrible mistake I made. But, we'll ace it eventually, sigh.

Hazika, a cute hamster you want to carry with you all along, A day with her, will give you the experience of having a girl child. Grabbing her from shops like H&M, or from areas that belong to the shoes and bags. Hazii is the one who introduced my motherly traits to the surface. Utkarsha, a girl with math. She is the light version of Muskaan. You could find her either sleeping or sleeping.

Delhi University North Campus (Source: Scroll)

We all belonged to the same college, and the same PG (accommodation). Except for Nandini and Hazika, they stayed in a separate PG at the time. I met them when I chose to change my PG for 4 - 5 months during my days in Delhi.

We walk into those corridors as children full of inspiration and then walk out of it like adults who are ready for life. The kitchen, where we used to find at least one of us hanging around making Maggie or boiling milk and then digging into same with no objection and none taken. The fifth floor was our terrace, it had white-colored tiles along with metallic grills on sides that join the ceiling. Tulsi, Aloe Vera, and more Tulsi plants were found on the edge of it. You can find Drishti dancing on most inappropriate songs but still make jaw-dropping performances. Everyone was fully aware not to trigger Sunira with a song she is familiar with. She had this habit of singing a single track for months and make us cringe over it.

Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar Corridor (Pink Line) (Source: DNA India)
Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar Corridor (Pink Line) (Source: DNA India)
ITAP of a DMRC Platform (Source: Pinterest)
ITAP of a DMRC Platform (Source: Pinterest)

Metro was no fun, without Sunira and Muskaan arguing over the lamest thing on earth. For example, who is more embarrassing, Sunira or Muskaan? Both of them. I had to jump up with answers and make them stand in either corner on occasions. They too influenced my decision not to have kids with a lesser age gap. Drishti, Sunira, and I walked the whole metro line before boarding one in order to be at one block where we could locate cute boys. While we talk about the boys, Muskaan will be on the phone with her friends to make sure they are fine overseas, Tammy will be editing her clicked pictures for our College's next annual festival, Utkarsha will be sleeping with her head upright, and Nishchint will be around the corner in her thoughts but eventually making her way to us. Jaduu sits leaning over me, arguing with Hazii.

I don't think I could ever tell anyone what my best memory is with these people. Because every moment spent with them is a new definition of "perfect." They appear to be ordinary homo-sapiens, yet they are unique in my eyes because you need the eyes of Majnu to see Laila's beauty. In countable days, these numbered humans gave me my little infinity.

Everyone, including me, comes to Delhi with high expectations. I think that if we are supposed to struggle to get to the top for reasons beyond our control, why not choose the people with whom we want to struggle? If you have these chhichhores by your side, you can walk on burning coals and still smile. Just there, with that thought, the tears finally departed.


While everyone praises roses and the moon, Harnoor gets a little more excited with stars and sunflowers. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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