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Covid Archives by Radhika Menon

Art work by Emily Kray (https://emilykray.com/)

An emergent moment

in a journey unknown.

A map rerouted,

towards the reconstructed interiors of solitary confinement.

A well edited script

drafted in the inbox

awaiting its reader.

Contents created with bullet lists read:

When this chaos subside

retrieved catalogs will display,

Mundane moments stitched up to keep sane.

Beads of small talk cuddled to spread warmth.

Frozen portraits piled up to sell emotions.

Teaching lessons necessarily in necessity.

A call kept on hold,

Feeding on the melancholy of past restraints.

Frustrations of a meal uncooked,

Leeching out expressions that are too less involved in the daily chores.

Sending radio waves to check

Unidentified corners of the house.

Digging up the backyard

To explode in exaggeration

Other wise of an organic produce.

Snoozing time to meet false hunger alarms.

Floral dresses dyed to dirty aprons.

Idiot box giving running commentary on emerging trends. 

While we engage in the tussle

between touch screens and tension servers

Coding and creating custom made solutions

to man-made frustrations

Selling common sense on the basis of political incorrectness.

Dropping our identity in exchange for posterity.

Liberating ourselves through insensitive banter.

Scrubbing our way into conscience of the masses.

By adding flavors in scriptures

to favor one's outcome.

Later searching for update instructions

Only to hide our guilt filled bugs.

Radhika Menon is a content writer and freelance copy editor from Kerala, who dreams of becoming a best-selling author someday. When she's not writing you can find her binge watching her way into the world of witches, gypsies and dragons.  

Read other published work: https://www.allearsindia.com/weekly-publications

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