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Dear Alan

"Following is a love letter to my late grandfather who had dementia for many years before he passed away." - written by Rox Kashun.

if she was a fire – warm, sizzling, welcoming – you were a candle, a gentle and proud flame.

bright, screaming giggles littered your flowerbeds in 1997

when us girls danced through them, careful of our knees and your budding forget-me-nots.

“don’t jump in”, my mother warned as i flirted with the edge of your pond,

eyes flickering back to glass doors. to you.

a master of sound, your nimble fingers pressing against ivory

as renditions of Beethoven trickled outside.

your hands were your tools.  once a miner, huddled in tunnels under liverpool, once a farmer, cradling skittish baby lambs  and once a bus driver, a grey-haired giant  carefully commanding schools of unruly teenagers.

to us, you were mozart. a skilled dart-player –

a wistful librarian, a quiet buddhist.

the cruelest way to die is the death before death; the theft of a mind, a slow car accident – a heap of broken memories regulated to ash.

your lilting accent became a cracked nothing.  words congealed in your chest at the end.  instead we linked little fingers. love transferred by fingertips.

palms and psalms. 

our final song.

Rox Kashun is a poet from the South of England.

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