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Dearest Daffodil Dupatta by Divyanshi Dash

I don’t want to be cheesy but

When you accidentally wrapped yourself around

Me, the other day: my second hand skipped a second

And I couldn’t work.


I have been thinking of you since then.

Supposedly, craving for your touch,

Sincerely waiting to meet you again.


I think it was rude of our owners to

Pull us apart.

They might not believe in

Love at first sight

(even though I know that my owner is

Thinking about yours)

But if only they would at least

Let us breathe around each other.


Flowing and dancing,

Even before your golden satin skin touched my

Rough silver, I only wanted to be in your arms.


And when I was in your embrace,

I didn’t want to let go.


It has been 3600 ticks & 3600 tocks,

What’s left is just the ticks.

I don’t know what you think. Or if you even think

About me, about us,

That is to say, only if there exists an ‘us’

I can only yearn.


(waiting to be) yours,

The silver watch.

A monochromatic leaves enthusiast, Divyanshi (she/her) is an 18 year old girl who believes in love and kindness the most. She is an intersectional feminist who devotes a lot of time to writing and reading poetry. She writes content for Women's Republic, The Walled City Journal and The Talk Circle. She is currently based in New Delhi, India. She's often found journaling if not ranting about feminism and what it takes to be a woman.

Editor: Samiksha Ransom (@samiksha_ransom)

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