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Friendship Was A Home by Jasmin Lübbecke

In dreams I walk with you

barefoot on the wooden floor

in our small and quaint home.

A home we built as Dreamers

who hope and love and dare!

Here, the walls they might be worn,

They might be full of crooked lines but

the walls, they still wear

the homely wallpaper we chose,

they still wear all our photographs

of moments that have already passed.

To remember, we still visit sometimes

and when we do, Warm and Wonderful,

they welcome us back in

with all the love we left them with.

Now I walk alone

barefoot on the wooden floor

knowing, our friendship was a home

I was lucky to know.

Jasmin is a 25-year-old writer born and raised in Germany. Currently she is pursuing a degree in English and Literature. Since a young age Jasmin has been fascinated by the English language. Through that fascination, coupled with the discovery of her love for poetry, English has become the language for expressing and delving into her innermost feelings and struggles. In her poetry she explores themes such as nature, comfort, vulnerability, and mental health.

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