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Her Tale to Win Herself

Yes, here is another article about femininity. If you are questioning "why another one," don't we have enough of these articles? Well, no. There is no doubt about how beautiful it is to a woman at this time, because of all these incredible women who stood up and brought a change for us.

Artwork by Manjitt Thapp

Although, a recent incident made me realize that we can get better. I saw two little kids in my garden. The boy started crying, then this little girl came running to him and hugged him and said "it's okay, I am here." An older kid says "don't cry like a girl." and starts laughing. That gap, that difference between these two perspectives, pinched me so hard. I wished with all my heart that the little girl didn't accept it as a fact and went on to give that comfort. She didn't hide her tears behind that pillow because she was crying. If anyone sees it, they'll think I am weak. I wish someone had hugged that little kid and said it's okay to show your emotions, let it out, crying is a way to express how you feel, and it shouldn't act as a perimeter to judge your strength.

She grows up, thinking that she has to show how strong she is. It's told to her to smile and walk elegantly. You are our pride, get all As, impress everyone, display decorous behavior, all that on a little girl's shoulder. She starts to perceive that the world is watching her.

Artwork by Manjitt Thapp

She wore a skirt as a part of her uniform, which was exciting, but the skirt she thought she could twirl in was just another measure to judge her, to tell her that a piece of clothing determines her character. A teacher tells her that. Thus, it was supposed to be right because she was the ladder for her future. I hope she didn't believe her vehemently. I wish someone had taught her it's not your mistake, so stop adjusting it and stop checking it every other minute because her clothes were never the problem.

Using clothes or colors to stereotype genders has been constant. Remember the color pink? What a remarkable enemy. A beautiful color that somehow became gender specific or too "girly." I sympathize with everyone whose first love was pink. Still, at some point, we started to hate it. For men, it was a symbol of weakness. Girls will always wear pink. It's their color, said the fashion market one day, soon every girl was wearing pink (she didn't have a choice). And then comes a time when we just wanted to be seen and heard beyond our gender and pink, unfortunately, screamed I am a girl. So why did it bother us so much? Why did we not want to be called girls or women? (We all have different answers, but here are the most common ones). Women were considered weak, fragile, pretty "objects" who loved to dress up for men and gossip all day. Congratulations to all my ladies for breaking these myths and helping shape the world better.

Artwork by Manjitt Thapp

You might have heard 'be yourself,' but after being castigated, can she even know who she is? With so many ideologies, principles, rules that she'll have to unlearn before she can truly discover herself. But this time, she was done for once and for all, she is ready to find her favorite color and she'll keep pink as an option because she is proud to be who she is. Some gender stereotypes didn't matter to her. Finally, she had that confidence because even after going through so much, she came out stronger.

Have you ever seen a woman cheering for another woman, like, you go, girl? That shouts power like nothing else. We build each other up and are ready with champagne or tissues whenever required. We are soft, caring, and strong all in one. There are uncountable reasons to be proud of who you are, and I hope you find yours.

Priyal Gaur was wandering around in a creative land, stopping at every stop to learn something new and ended up here, to express her art through words. She is a reader, a fashion enthusiast, an artist and a little of everything around it. You can find her on her Blog and Instagram.

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