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How Growth Looks Like

Written By: Lei Angeline Fulache

The book of growing up is made of hardbound covers

and dusty pages turned golden as,

the reflection of light that seeps through the windows.

It oftentimes look messy and unattractive,

left at the corners of a library filled

with more interesting and modern stories.

Growing up sounds tremulous,

sometimes, thick and gruffly.

It speaks the truth no one wants to

listen yet states it anyway.

It looks colossal on the outside,

but wretched,


dejecting at times.

Growing up is thinking that coffee is bad

but drinks it nonetheless.

It's choosing unplanned choices,

making nonsense decisions,

being bad and being good,

creating things out of mistakes,

hearing the same stories all over again,

stepping up, stepping backwards,

closing doors and opening windows,

finding a home then forgetting oneself,

sleeping late and lesser time for everything.

Growing up is heavy,



Growing up isn't beautiful

but it takes you to places you've never been,

to things you never imagined,

to life complex but wonderful.

Growing up is changing us,

into the person we ought to become.

Lei Angeline Fulache is a poetess and writer from the Philippines who often writes under the pseudonym daydreamlovenotes. Her works are centered on mental health and personal experiences. She is currently sharing her works through social media platforms such as Instagram and Tumblr whilst enhancing her skills and dreaming to publish her own book in the future. 

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