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Hues of a Silent Morning

‘Hues of a Silent Morning’ written by Rajeev Anand, takes the journey of what a poet feels for his lover through the shades and hues of different colors. Every morning is a beginning and every hue has a story. The poem takes cues from ‘call me by your name’ and weaves a story that defies cultural norms in a fresh breath of its own.

As the dew gathers on the petal that is ready to embrace,

The flower of the dark night with Romeo’s love’s trace.

In the meantime,

The sun shines slyly through the droplet screaming pride in seven colours,

And as the clouds disappear and paint the skies blue,

Taking all the rue of blues out of our hearts,

As I open my eyes and start to look for your hues frantically,

At every subsequent moment ripping apart,

A gentle tap on your shoulder and it is you,

With the love that we promised ourselves,

And, not the promised Moon.

And I take you into my arms as our heartbeats go wild,

Just as you called me by your name,

And I called you by mine.

Rajeev is an Over-thinker, a Self-Proclaimed Chef; Pop Culture Enthusiast, a Rainbow Poet and a Passionate Kisser. Although bit introverted and shy at first, he will soon make you feel like home. He is an angry feminist too, very vocal about gender politics and social injustices springing from Patriarchy.

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