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‘I’ by Riya Rajayyan

Of sun-kissed skin and strawberry lips

cotton candy skies and raindrops

the fresh smell of a new book and mysteries

little jhumkas and oxidized bangles,

the sound of a ukulele and soft music

sunflowers and sunsets,

star filled skies and wider smiles

art galleries and hands scattered with lilac paint,

the mountain breeze and ruffled hair

laughter and comforting silences

Of ears that listen to everyone's agony and a mouth which rarely opens up,

is what I'm made up of

hidden behind a bright smile

are secrets I rarely tell

to not feel like a burden that is.


The ones which scarred my wrists and dried my throat,

I like to stay happy you see,

but I still don't know what it is like when happiness lasts,

for each time it comes knocking on my door,

it's in a hurry to leave

'Come back again!', I say

as my voice fades away.

I often hear that I need to toughen up,

but don't you realize it's people who are like me making this home?

So, kindness doesn't just become a theory,

and warmer hearts fill the voids that your stone cold one left behind.

because I'm broken too, just a different kind.


Riya Rajayyan is a college student with an avid interest in art. She paints and writes as an escape from the realities of life and finds her solace.


Editor: Devika Mathur (@my.valiant.soul)

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