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I Felt

Photograph by @jseigar

Once, I felt the wind

rustled away in hurry,

with no care or attention,

nor a hint of ambition.

At that moment,

I felt like disappearing

along with him,

to escape into his faraway land.

I felt like breaking myself free

from all the liabilities of life,

the musings, the temptations,

the sufferings, that the heart

pampers within.

I felt I was done with,

the cruel beings and

the cut-throat racing.

But then, I realized:

life’s a truth that all must survive,

it’s the fruit for which we strive.

That it depends on us,

how we lead our destiny.

Fighting our way out,

till the last breath of life.

At the end,

it is all that matters.

Whether we chose to strive

or chose to die.

After all, my friends,

life’s a harsh reality,

A never ending journey.

The poem is written by Dikshita Sarma who hails from Nagaon, Assam, India.

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