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I Wake Up Late by Suhana Simran

Art by Sonal Jadhav

I wake up late - is a poem about how we often find ourselves overwhelmed with despair and gloom, when life itself appears lusterless and without meaning.

On weekends I wake up late but not because

I am tired.

But because

I fear.

I fear the empty stretch of day staring me down-

So much to do

To love

To dream

Yet nothing adds up to




I don't know what.

I wake up late, I wake up lazy

I go through the day

Really slowly.

I pile up chores

To fill my lonely long nights I don't know-


I never have

Enough time.

I wake up late.

Having too little time is easier

Than having too much.

Suhana Simran (she/her) is an undergraduate student of English at Miranda House, Delhi University. She regularly contributes to online magazines and pages. Her recent works have been published in Teen Belle Mag and Marias at Sampaguitas Lit Mag. She believes in a simplistic style of writing to disseminate powerful messages.

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