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Knife Edge Death Match, Fury in Few | Review by Oskar Leonard

Listen "Knife Edge Death Match" Now

Knife Edge Death Match is a brand new single from Fury in Few digitally released on October 30th, 2020. Fury in Few is a heavy alt rock band moving the rock and alternative genres forwards for the new generation: Gen Z.

With a bold and powerful intro, the single immediately sets it and the band’s tone as rough and rebellious. This is not a song for the happy and content. This is not a song for the privileged few who have everything and want for nothing. This is a song for everyone in Gen Z with fire in their hearts, fighting against the system and everyone who “shoots [them] down”.

A ballad for the disenfranchised and let down, Knife Edge Death Match will resonate with many modern youths. The relevant and frank vocals voice many of the frustrations we often feel, with lines such as “let me get this knife out from my side/so you can shoot me down” evoking poignant imagery of the hopelessness of modern life, work and relationships. One step forwards, two steps back.

Regardless of the lyrics and stark social commentary, the music itself stands out as an excellent example of heavy, alternative rock which conveys incredible emotion. The guitar in particular highlights itself as a unique and iconic element of the song, leading a listener through the non-stop rush of dark but honest feelings backed by incredible musical talent. There is a meta irony in the line “I will make you think you make me whole”, since the match between the lyrics and music is perfectly ‘whole’ and complete.

Knife Edge Death Match is brilliant for listening to when you feel downhearted or annoyed with the state of your life and how you’ve been treated by others. The direct address throughout, indicated by the use of “you”, allows a listener to direct their frustrations and worries towards the object of the song, and the relentless assault on this object is ideal for hashing out your negative thoughts and feelings. Instead of feeling hopeless and self-pitying, a listener can be surrounded by the intense music and feel much less “alone”.

Furthermore, the cover art for the single is humanizing and real, especially when compared to over-produced, over-designed cover art seen in pop and other more ‘mainstream’ genres. The duo are pictured on a grey background, mirroring the bleak and terrible life the lyrics lament against, one in a nun’s outfit while the other eats, topless. Absurd against everyday. Random against normal. The perfect picture of modern life, when we must deal with the monotonous before being turned upside down by blind-siding events, completely out of nowhere.

Overall, Fury in Few have created an amazing single for the young generation to listen to in Knife Edge Death Match. It sums up our grievances and acts as a voice for all the complaints and negative thoughts we have but cannot say. When we are told to be silent by older people and to conform to the endless misery of what is considered ‘normal life’, giving everyone “what [they] need” without being able to get what we need in return, Knife Edge Death Match is the unapologetic response we all want to scream at the world.

Follow: https://www.instagram.com/furyinfew/

Visit them on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCstPcvtWpDN0ZiGn07-3Nwg

Reviewed by: Oskar Leonard (oskarleonard.wordpress.com)

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