Let's Sense by Pranaya Nair

Painting by Sonal Jadhav

Let's Sense - in literal terms mean - let's make some actual sense with the usually undervalued five senses.

Listen, listen and

Only listen to your

Deep inner voice; all the way

Cracking the vocal chords.

Speak, speak and

Speak out loud and clear

Refraining oneself from

The sugar coated words.

See, see and

See through a prism,

Displaying every shade

With equal importance.

Cuddle, cuddle and

Cuddle yourself;

For you to know-

How beautiful it is

To be loved!

Sniff, sniff and

Sniff only the positives

From a larger bouquet

Of negatives.

Love, love and

Love yourself

Cause no one

Else would!

Pranaya Nair is a Commerce post graduate student and a budding poet from Mumbai, India.

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