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Love Comes with No Full Stop

“...Main tenu fer milangi Kithe? Kis trah? Pata nahi Shayad tere takhiyl di chinag banke Tere canvas te utrangi Ya khore teri canvas dey utte Ik rahasmayi lakir banke Khamosh tenu takdi rawangi...”

Like any other writer, Amrita Pritam found her loophole in this devastating world by writing about our deteriorating society. Love is very rare, and a true one is on the edge of extinction. But Amrita found every stage of love in her life; pain is the most beautiful part of this journey called 'love.' Not being together in the future makes some of us drift apart, however, we are supposed to embrace the present just like Amrita Pritam.

Amrita & Imroz

She was a divorced woman who loved Sahir all her life while living her life by being with Imroz. Sahir didn’t appreciate the love of Amrita as he should have. Imroz became the epitome of faith, hope, love, and stood up for Amrita; he didn’t bother with the criticism because all that mattered to him was Amrita, unlike Sahir. While visiting Imroz's residence, one reporter reported how Amrita is present in every corner of that house, as she rests in peace.

Main Tenu Phir Milangi is a poem said to be written for Imroz. She describes how their love is unique and runs on a different track rather than the society’s laid track. Love never dies even after people believing in the same passes on to the next life. Amrita was one of the lucky ones who experienced every ounce of love. She says even after her demise, Imroz could find her in everything and everywhere.

You by Priya Malik makes it very clear how one last love could be the only thing one could wish for from the shooting stars. Last love is as important as the moon in the universe, as water on earth, and as any lover to another one.

“ …I found why I had to walk all the way through the galaxy of nothingness to find you, I have walked 100,000 light-years, to find you... You are my milky way, my sun, my heart... You must be my last love, because once for a change I believe last love, last forever.”

“Ishq de mere mitran pehchaan ki, jdo mit jaave zid apnon di.” What is the significance of love, if my passion doesn’t last? Not everyone is destined to end up with their loved one, but the lucky ones could at least have them cross their paths. Its true, love is rare, but it’s still present in this void universe.

From Rumi to Bulleh Shah to Waris Shah to Shah Jahan to Ghalib to Amrita to Priya Malik to Simar Singh each one of them made us believe in how love always existed, even centuries back, and still continues to make its presence recognizable even in its absence. Love is such a complicated path in itself. One could enter it unknowingly and try to solve it on his end, but unfortunately, it takes centuries to understand love. But the only thing one could possibly do is, let their lovers’ fingers find space in one’s bare fingers, make a promise of forever and just walk on the path of love. Path of love is not about petals of roses, but thorns of roses and bushes dripping poison on the field. It’s not easy to walk on the laid path but if that means to walk along with your love I don’t think of any answer other than — yes.

The harsh reality is that not everyone is destined to be together, but it always makes you grow. Rumi could have never been a poet if Shams never crossed his life. We praise Rumi for his amazing poetic sections but never really carved the truth behind the same. It’s Fear, Love, Betrayal, Longingness, Loneliness that Shams offered Rumi on a silver plater, while Rumi weaved these emotions into a beautiful tapestry.

If you cannot be Aditya to your Geet, be Shams to your Rumi. Because if you truly love them, you will find them in everything and everyone. All you need to do is plunge into the water; if you're lucky, you'll be hauled out or you'll be able to enjoy the wonders of the ocean.

While everyone praises roses and the moon, Harnoor gets a little more excited with stars and sunflowers. You can find her on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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