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Love or Desire

Art by Priyanka Shorewala

I remember grabbing your hair,

Sucking wine from your lips.

Your hands, all over me,

Like it was an eclipse

I was slowly fading, 

as you were moving down,

Something inside me changed,

Like a slipping crown.

I held you tighter,

Burying the pain within,

I remember the touch,

Of your cold hands against my skin

I couldn't let go, 

Like you were an addiction,


Isn't that love's definition?

What is stronger

Love Or Desire?

The angels,

Or the demons that acquire.

Maybe it's just a feeling,

I can't say

Or just the desire

We feel everyday..

Following poem has been written by Priyanka Shorewala, who's an artist based in New Delhi, India.

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