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Our Chores

'Our Chores' written by Rushali Thacker, is an attempt at a poetic description of the day-to-day life in a household. One of the lines in the poems has a reference to a character, Sheldon Cooper from the show, The Big Bang Theory.

Every afternoon grandpa asks for my laptop

to work on Excel sheets after his nap.

Grandma sits on the porch reading Ramayan

and I envisage myself on a rocking chair reading Harry Potter

if I make it till 80 with unimpaired eyesight.

Almost every evening, my dad reminds me

how much I suck at Badminton,

compelling me to play, hoping I'd get better

I never fail to disappoint.

Once in a while, he'd peek in the book I'm reading

and ask me about it.

My mom walks in my room at 2 in the night

catching me red-handed with a bowl of vanilla topped with chocolate syrup,

watching Sheldon learning sarcasm.

The next morning I come across her grumbles

of how the lights in my room disrupted her sleep in her room.

Both mom and dad would pester me

about not having watered my zebra cactus.

I share the room with my irreconcilable sister

who is terrified to go to bed tonight

because last night two lizards fell on our bed.

This morning I heard her whining about it to mom,

only to end up having us compared to those lizards.

The only time we are not at war against each other

is when we are witnessing a war onscreen

usually during Marvel movies.

At sundown, you'd find me on the terrace

listening to The Beatles,

envisaging to be 80 with impaired eyesight.

Rushali Thacker (she/her) is an engineering graduate who is in search of words that she believes would make her heart fly. She tries to contribute a verse or two. And she claims to have her unwavering love for sunsets, ice cream, and mountains.

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