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Rearranging The Rib-cages by Shringarika Pandey

Art by France Daffon

The following piece is inspired by Richard Siken's poetry and written as a letter of reassurance to the person Shringarika loves. It was alternatively titled - After this is me trying by Taylor Swift.

I listen to your voice quiver behind the phone speaker,

like dust that

is too afraid to turn into dust again,

you apologize for the song in

your heart which turns nightmares into predictable outcomes.

To you I am the sun being birthed again from the ashes,

what killed us was the didactic rage.

Now, we here under solace names blanket names flesh we’re

trying to pick out from the boiling water.

I am trying to melt us into

figurines again,

I tell you I won’t leave you behind which is to say I’ll

refuse to believe in anything except you;

the sun isn’t the god or the

mere mortal holding onto bones.

It's the pieces in between.

I hunt down what hurts and throw it into the pot of water,

on fire is the flesh, the sun, the hands,

the wax we’ve melted into.

We’ll be ashes again sooner than later, the voice comes full circle.

You have nothing to fear.

I am trying my best at reconstruction.

So are you.

Shringarika Pandey is a 20-year-old  undergraduate student of English Literature. On most days she can be found listening to Fiona Apple's music, reading love poems and wishing for a better tomorrow. She also works at Ayaskala - the literary magazine in the capacity of a content writer. You can connect with her on instagram: www.instagram.com/shringarikaa

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