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Safar: The Journey Towards Your Goal

"Safar khoobsurat hai manzil se bhi" I heard this line a long time back but never really understood is. I always thought journey (safar) is the most difficult part of reaching somewhere or coming at the end of your goal. But as I grew up, I understood why this line is true. This picture defines it perfectly.

The unfinished building on the left represents our life. It still is in the making. Other buildings and houses are the people who have completed their journey and is at rest. You see, we can't tell them apart. They all look the same. But the unfinished building has it's uniqueness. We can mold it in any way we want and it will still look beautiful. We can see how beautiful this building looks because it still is in the making. One day, when I'll pass again by this area then maybe I won't be able to recognize it because it's finished/reached it's goal and has joined the other buildings/people. It's uniqueness would be vanished by then. It's journey is always going to be with me. Sometimes a lot of stuff happens in the making, good and bad. Sometimes we have to deviate from our path, sometimes we have to add things to our path. This building has to face that too. But at the end it will work out. It will get completed and join others. It's journey will always look beautiful because that made it the way it is today.

Just like that everything in life you're fighting for, it is beautiful. Because one day when you reach your goal, you will look at your journey and will feel proud & happy.

There are so many social issues, injustices everyone is facing and fighting them. One day when this world will be a kind place because of you, then your journey will tell everyone how and what you did in the favor of mankind.

This picture will always be close to my heart as it shows that it doesn't matter if our life looks raw, unfinished, without any purpose today but one day with all this difficulties when this journey will end, when we're satisfied, we will all know that our journey was the most beautiful part. 

Written & Photographed By: Reydhm Garg



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