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Screw Hex

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Trying to fade into the scene, the beauty of an individual. We were like incarnations of evil, a disgrace among Homo sapiens. And forgetting that it wasn't like I was burning with passionate love, it'd be against my beliefs to seek the comfort of a stranger from this transient loneliness. Is it not because I have scorn those immoral students who cannot bear isolation and seek out others that I ran perilously close to the name of the one who hinders and forsakes love? Have not I devoted myself into a barren struggle and finally gained a victory that is borderline defeat. Would I forgive myself for changing the way I live at this stage? Until which the spider's thread which I cling to is cut? And thus I'm driven to action by my righteous indignation. Now it is time to throw cold water on people. To become a man to detest jazz and everything about the popular culture, to have no affection for the landscape and to prefer anodyne brick homes aesthetic, solitude is happiness and death.

The second picture looks more vibrant and full in color but actually there is a lot less color in this photo, it is just poppy to the eye.

It still captures your eye more than the first photo, happiness and catchy-ness can be found within small things, for instance a person in this world, no matter how insignificant they are, you still find your peace in them.

Written & Clicked By: Aarya Sharma


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