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Sharon by Shivi Dixit

I found a little white moth

sitting on my window sill.

It was slow as a sloth

and sat seriously still.

He was looking outside the window

contemplating his life,

thinking of the good ol’ meadow

and his long lost wife.


He longed for solitude,

So I left him hanging there.

When I came back to the latitude,

he wasn’t to be seen.

He might’ve flown back home,

that is my hunch.

But he could’ve also landed on a gnome

and become a bird’s brunch.


Shivi Dixit is an Indian highschool student, currently preparing for medical entrance exam. She writes poems and short horror stories as a hobby, as of now. Using the power of words, she aspires to create something that makes people feel every emotion, one at a time.


Editor: Rachel Blair (@broken_barbie26)

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