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Silent Surrender

The following poem, written by Ananya Vats, talks about the unsaid struggles a woman has to go through in her life which she deftly masks in kindness, yet it takes another woman to understand it.

My grandmother's lullabies

cradled me awake.

Her raisin skin tickled me

mapped hands ran over my hair

like a carved clay-stone comb

her faded blue saree hugged the petite body.


more sighs in her eyes than wisdom,

more spaces in her stories than words,

more resignation in her breath than hope.

Wonder is a foe of peace;

I lay awake imagining,

her untold stories.

The years it takes

to undo,

back bent with working relentlessly for eighty years,

crooked ring finger from,

knitting sweaters for her family of twenty-three.

eyesight bartered for sewed buttons and altered trousers,

Haldi stained fingernails, Alta stained cracked ankle.

The years it takes

to undo,

the silent surrender.

Ananya Vats is a poet, artist, and a product manager with expertise in artificial intelligence. Living in Hyderabad, India, she is interested in bringing up the female voices of this contemporary world, exploring love and the subtleties of life through words and colors. Her work has been published in Unread 2.0 anthology by PFA.

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