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Six Realizations by Samina Parveen

My 6 Realizations: Covid 19 Edition

Live Life To Fullest

In our fast-paced and busy lives, we often forget to breathe in the present moment. Every hour, every minute, and every second is unique in itself. We all must have our bucket list ready for the future months, but have we ever considered that this moment will never return? So enjoy each moment. Appreciate everyday activities, like relishing the irresistible aroma and mouth-watering taste of dishes that you have for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Or, the captivating beauty of flowers around you. Or maybe, just the fresh air you inhale. Everything will then transform into a memory.

Cutting Down Expenses

Most importantly, due to lockdown, we aren’t able to spend money on inessential luxuries. They have taken a backseat. Our priorities are our necessities, like groceries, food, and other supplies. The expensive clothes, purses, gifts have lost their significance. Now, we spend most of the time in our pajamas, the comfort of which is an extreme bliss. Simultaneously we have stopped eating out and watching movies at theatres. We are saving on fuel and reducing pollution.

Practicing Hobbies

Due to lockdown, I am saving a lot of time that was wasted in commuting. Hanging out with friends and shopping are time-consuming. Saving on such activities provides me time for my hobbies. In fact, I have started to polish my skills and find pleasure in it. A hobby not only keeps our minds engaged but also improves our mental health. From gardening to reading, a wide range of activities seems to be a boon for us in these times of quarantine and social isolation.

Technology v/s Novel Coronavirus

The most complex technology has failed to deal with this microscopic virus. The universe moved to digital biometrics and smart touchscreen phones, but the novel coronavirus has the potential to turn it upside down. Massive malls and shopping complexes have their doors locked. Schools and offices are shut down. The Global Economy is facing a major crisis. This has made me realize that despite the acceleration in modern technology, this virus has changed the entire world. We were so proud of our development but COVID-19 has shattered it. Though homo-sapiens are the most evolved species, we should not be too egotistical. This has opened my eyes.

Our Healing Earth

We are indebted to the environment for providing us with uncountable blessings. During the lockdown, when we are compelled to stay at our homes, nature is recuperating itself. As it is rejuvenating, we are able to visualize its unbelievable miracles. The white snow-laden Himalayas were seen from Jalandhar, in the Punjab state of India. Just imagine how crystal clear the air must have been?  We could also spot the pink flamingos in Mumbai. These creatures feel that the world is now devoid of human threats and are therefore returning to their original habitat. I regret that we, humans, have extensively exploited the Earth.

Appreciating Social Workers

During the pandemic, doctors, medical practitioners, and paramedical forces are our life saviors. Have we ever appreciated salons, mouth-watering restaurants, grocery shops, and even school? No, never. We do not realize the value of their existence until they stop providing us services. The pandemic has changed the way I look at the world. I feel honored to be a part of the society where social workers like security guards, police, and caretakers are working day and night for our well-being. After this experience, I will have a deep respect for all these lesser-known professions. These occupations were often overlooked and underrated, but now we should salute them for being corona warriors.

Samina is a common student from India with some uncommon dreams. Writing is a part of her and words run in her blood. Her dream is to inspire the youth and to be remembered as a world changer.

Follow Samina on Instagram: @samina2005.2020 and know more about her, Here.

Editor: Suhana Simran (@suhana_simran)

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