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Society & Human Behavior by Sonal Jadhav

The following series of visualization and art works are created by Sonal Jadhav. Her art is relevant to the society, Indian social norms and human behavior. She loves to express feelings through various forms and colours which creates an impact on us. She wants to make people aware of these things via her art and visualization.


Existence of Thoughts

(Acrylic on Paper)

Representing the conscious and the sub-conscious thought processes of our mind, our thoughts are a reflection of what we surround ourselves with.



(Acrylic on Canvas)

The following painting showcases how we restore memories in our mind. We lock them in our heads, and carry with us. It is wonderful how we make folders of these memories within us.


Expanded Vision

This piece of art visualizes how different perspectives give us different forms of vision. Different lines, waves and sources of vision gives us a different point of view. There is meaning in every line, meaning in every situation, it is our job to find it.


Listening Skill

(Watercolor on Paper)

One of the main issues with human behavior is that we never listen. Being a good listener is a necessary skill in order to improve ourselves for better.


Pollutants of Nature

(Watercolor on Paper)

In this Covid - 19 pandemic we have seen that nature grows and heals itself in different ways. It is us, humans, who pollute the environment and degrade it in every manner. This painting speaks that human are the main pollutants present on this planet.


Healthy Life

(Watercolor on Paper)

Currently in this situation of a global panic, we need to stay calm and take care of our well being. For this we need to practice more and more healthy habits. For me it's doing Yoga and taking in more Oxygen.


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