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Photograph by @jseigar

Dancing in the sun

Or should I call it,


I can hear the Music clearly play in my heart

And can feel my feet, tapping with the beat.

I can feel it

I can feel the rays hitting my face

I can feel the summer breeze,

And can hear the faint laughter.

I remember

All the games we played

The dust rising

The tension we felt

The sweat that rolled down our foreheads

The shouts of victory and defeat.

But these days I feel

Snow storms and winter chills

It's like Ned Stark just announced

Winter is coming

So I blinked my eyes and it was finally here.

Loved the landscape buried in snow

The view was all grey and white

Stayed beside the fire and had tons of hot cocoa

So I sighed and thought to myself


I don't have to worry no more.

But slowly and dangerously,

The music eventually began to fade

And the beats were beating slower

I don't remember the last time

We played or we laughed together.

Even though it feels warm

It's cold inside

The glasses are covered in thick fog

And the grey skies prolonged.

I forgot how it all feels

Anger , pain

Laughter and crying in vain.

It feels like the you refuse to shine

So the grey skies mock me, despise me

Seems like they're having fun and showing me their vile and vicious smiles.


I'll beg

I'll cry

I'll fall to my knees

I'll even fight

All I ask is to bring back the music in me

All the colours and feelings

I'll pray and I'll scream.

So Sun, shine

Once again for me,

And I'll dance

Once again for you.

Anna Bertie is a college student and a kid (at heart) who likes writing, watching, reading and imagining different worlds and feels that telling a story in various forms of art has a whole other level of awesomeness. Even though she boasts about Binge watching and shifts from Fandom to Fandom, and is lazy too, loves when people try to tell stories in various forms (music, anime, TV shows, mangas).

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