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The Battle Of Life by Ivana Tubic

Art work by Emily Kray

This's gotten more violent than it should,

I see the whole battlefield now plotting against me.

Even that sweet face from yesterday's showing no mercy,

Treated my pure heart like it was playing dirty.

In the blink of an eye, I've witnessed a loss

And I picked the worst time to freeze to death

Don't ever show fear, they said, it's the enemy's fuel

But my emotions play a starring role, but not by the rule.

Weapons aren't questioned in love and war,

That's what hurts me most,

Among the monsters and their iron-covered souls;

I beg to be taken as I am, hoping I'm okay.

A soft hand reached out, calling my name lovingly,

Right when I thought I don't stand a chance here;

Without this moment, I wouldn't have this epiphany,

Takes to get stuck to realize who's in your army.

The torture's stretched out for far too long, both sides are feeling uncomfortable;

A white flag is raised, but whose is it this time?

Either way, I can see greater battles on the horizon.

So hit me with your best shot, same place tomorrow night.

Ivana is a 25-year old, whose main hobbies include translating, drawing and writing poetry. She defines herself as someone who loves various kinds of creative expressions, hoping she will continue sharing her raw work and grow as a creator, while inspiring others to be honest and vulnerable too. Follow her on Instagram: @poemsbyivana

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