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The Broken Soldier by Christene Henrika

Photograph by Tammy Pineda (https://www.instagram.com/tnpineda/)

Burn, oh, bonfire

Let me pen down a satire

With an imaginary attire

That offers nothing but desire

There I sat down in the dark forest

Tried to jot down my enlightened


But heard the Ola leaves rustle

They made me realize the world’s naked


There he was, the broken soldier

Walking through the Braxtons

His shadow obscure and injured

While trying to make it to the Oxpens

With a hammer and chisel

All he wanted was to carve a world with no

one brittle

Unknown to him, the fools caught his tools

Disfigured and destroyed, according to their own rules

The soldier with his broken tools

Lost, like the Ola leaves that broil

Walked with an internal burn

Silently under the midnight sun

Alas! The fools caught him

Triumphed over his body and stole him dry

But the soldier let them take it

For there’s more enterprise in walking naked.

(he walked with all his enterprise with no external artifice)

Christene Henrika, a nineteen y/o girl from Pakistan, is majoring in accounting. Her hobbies include singing, sketching, and writing poems. She recently started writing poems inspired by a Shakespearean sonnets. She also helps and inspires others to write.

Read other published work: https://www.allearsindia.com/weekly-publications

Edited by: Harshita Mishra (https://www.instagram.com/_peanutbutterandjim_/)

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