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The Evolution Of A Worm by Rachel Blair

Self Portrait by Teuta Pashnjari

In this poem, Rachel places herself into the perspective of a worm. Nature’s complexities are often presumed to be simple on the surface, but she finds much inspiration from breaking down the cog-work of nature. Throughout the piece, she yearns for gentleness—both from the exterior world and with my own self.

Icky, sticky

Seep into soil

Chewin’ on orange rinds.

I inch towards,

On hands and knees

Awaiting my long rest.

Draining a slimy residue

Waiting for tears,

Who never debut.

Watch me squirm, nosy you;

Hair long—

With knots for a matted mane.

A weed between these capitalist cracks,

Stamp me down ‘till I’m a crook’d spider,

‘Till you can count the bruises on my bare limbs.

Throw me out, rotted,

And rotten!

Cleanse me, scorched Momma,

I will only wish for gentleness,

As the paint chips away.

Bones broke in the compost pile,

With the seeds ’n pits ’n stems,

We sink into the rot.

While Rachel Blair has surrounded herself in the world of the arts, it is writing that she has enjoyed for as long as she can remember. She recalls spying on her family as a young girl and documenting the everyday happenings into her journal. And nothing has changed since! Although daunting at times, she treats writing like a form of therapy. It is pertinent for Rachel to put her introspection into words and hopes for it to reach readers as well.

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