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The Fairest Gift by Krisha Gohil

Updated: Feb 1

Written By: Krisha Gohil

The following work is inspired from ‘Little Women’ by Louisa May Alcott, an 18th century American children’s classic.

Of all the things a person may give,

Kindness will be the fairest of all.

It doesn’t count the pennies in your pockets,

Nor measure the extent of your talents.

Intentions are its only needs,

With good ones it‘ll be at your door.

In its maternal embrace you’re no longer an orphan,

In its fatherly sight you’re always looked after.

You’ll read about it like the March sisters,

And lighten the burdens on your pilgrimage.

There are many names you’ll learn of it,

Many to call it for.

Though none shall be as finest,

When in taking its name,

They’ll think of yours.


Krisha Gohil is a nineteen year old student, born and brought up in Mumbai, India. Her passion for writing has led her into writing poems and blog articles for nearly 2-3 years now. She writes poems under her Instagram handle @musing.by.the.window and has two blogs one in English (www.enigmaticwanderer11.wordpress.com) and one in French (www.motsenbaguette.wordpress.com). Currently she works as a content writer for Yellow club, a mental health organisation based in Kochi, India.

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