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Things I Am Good At by Shikha Shrishti

Updated: Feb 1

I'm good at staying up

all night weaving dreams of

a future which seems nothing but a

far fetched dream with someone

who's heart I know I'll break.

I'm good at being a person who

believes in chances just as much

as she

believes in north pole and

elves and Santa,

nearly, completely, absolutely not.

I'm good at running away just

when someone gathers all the bravery they

have in their heart and opens

up the bareness of their soul and hands

me their heart, as delicate as it is,

to hold and keep safe,

I'm good at running away, just then and there.

I'm good at weaving stories of

fairy tales and happy endings,

when all my book shelves are filled with

hopeless romance and tragedy of

all sorts. I'm good, so good, at looking

right in my own eye and denying

the fact that I am scared of eternity

and the very idea of it.

I'm good at writing this poem and intricately hiding my inability

to love and be loved in the lines of

each if its verse, I'm good, at lying

and so habitual of it, that

I am no longer good at recognizing my truth.

I'm good, at throwing away my chances

and blaming the universe for it.

And you'll never be good enough to

look right through it and

make me believe in whatever it is that we have.

And neither will, I be good enough at it.


Written by Shikha Shrishti

Twitter: @shikhaawrites

Instagram: @shikhaholic

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