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Tightrope by Grace Alice Evans

Art by France Daffon

The poem deals with - accepting your art, and has been inspired by my time spent working at a travelling circus. I used to wake up really early in the morning so I could master the tightrope walking in the practice space the acrobats have set up outside of their caravan.

the faith in eternally remaining with what i have created –

a yearning for enchantment. mystification,

tightrope walks at the verge of dawn. an undoing and a blessing –

your fears are what makes you.

what you abject still finds

a way to nest itself in your home.

Grace Alice Evans (she/they) is a LGBTQ+, mixed-heritage poet, writer, sound/visual artist and survivor, whose work explores living with mental illness, trauma, recovery, and the dichotomy between the inner and outer worlds. 

Grace’s social media handle is: @gracealiceevans

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