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To A Beautiful Existence by Cauvery Chauhan

Art: Mother And Child Painting by Nadezhda Vorontsova Saatchi

The following piece of poetry is published under An Archive for Our Mothers a literary archive created by All Ears to celebrate Mothers' Day 2021.


Your warmth that kept me safe and strong,

Your warmth that surrounded me for 9 months, still prevails.

Tell me, Mom, you'll forever wrap me in your warmth,

And hold me close to your chest,

like you did for the first time when I was born.

Your smile that kept me going even at the hardest of times,

Yes, your welcoming smile that made me believe everything will be alright.

Tell me, Mom, you'll keep smiling and never shed a tear of sadness,

But if you ever want to, just know I am always there for you standing by your side.

Your endless sacrifices that kept me healthy and alive,

Your selfless sacrifices that made me humane.

Promise me, Mom, you'll always be happy because you have already given enough,

Tell me you'll live for yourself and always hold your head up high.

I have never thanked you enough, or told you how much I love you,

But today I say, thank you for keeping me safe, thank you for holding me together,

thank you for your sacrifices.

Thank you for everything and more,

I love you, I'll keep loving you to eternity and

I promise to hold you close when you need me anytime.

By: Cauvery Chauhan


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