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To The Girl in The Mirror

To the girl in the mirror,

I see you. I see the redness of your eyes and the pain that brims within them. Pain that molds

itself in the shape of tears, and trails down your cheeks in a stream of neglected self-worth.

I hear you. I hear as you mutter lies to yourself, sharpening the stake of self-deprecation. And

the bleeding of your skin when you slice it open with your words.

Self Portrait by Devina Sasson

I feel you.

The unfounded opinions of others form calluses on your palms. And I feel you struggle to keep

them still as you create a bed for your self-esteem. A bed so brittle, it breaks as you rest your

weight upon it.

Still, I believe in you, and that one day you will reserve the love you give others for yourself.

Until that day, I will remain. So, to the girl in the mirror, I am here.

- your mirror.


Written By: Jasmine Barrett, is a young poet from Toronto, Canada. She is a passionate writer and an aspiring author and screenwriter. She has various published works, which you can find on her Instagram at: @jaz.works.

Edited By: Devika Mathur (@my.valiant.soul)


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