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Venus & Adonis by Christene Henrika

Photograph by Tammy Pineda

Untold and unsung, The tale is not so young, Within the precincts of Rome, Lies the greatest love story ever known. The Goddess of love and desire, Was burning on the inside with fire, Venus, the reigning Queen, Caught a glimpse of his beauty And the deity lost her heart in a second’s duty. Adonis, the adolescent hunter, Saw Venus as nothing but his comforter. With her love unrequited, Venus lost all of her magic and became unprecedented. Constantly setting up romantic cues, It is a mystical romance she brews. Incapable of deciphering her passion, Adonis remains nothing but full of condescension. The more he seems indifferent to her desires, The more she finds him attractive and hard to acquire. Lost in a state of trance on night, Venus saw his fate ignite. Adonis my love,

Stay away from the woods She screamed to save her beloved from fate likelihood. As her cries fell on deaf ears, He left with his bow, arrow and spear. In the dark forest, filled with deadly roars, He was gored by a wild boar. A broken Venus saw her beloved die, And Aphrodite descends from the sky. There it was, the final revelation! With Aphrodite laid, Adonis’s infatuation. Left, betrayed and unloved! Through his blood she rose a flower from the mud Every year it would bloom, To remind her, of her love, pain and ruin.

Christene Henrika, a nineteen y/o girl from Pakistan, is majoring in accounting. Her hobbies include singing, sketching, and writing poems. She recently started writing poems inspired by a Shakespearean sonnets. She also helps and inspires others to write.

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