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White Surveillance Cam by Murielle Mueller

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

Art by Emily Kray

Title: Life Is Circular

It is the steel cream-color hour of night. Fog suffuses between the

auburn brick walls of the old town and melting the ridged contours to silhouettes.

Only the neon red light of an “Open” sign points its way into

the mist. Where to cannot be discerned. Yet.

Fog City Diner seems almost abandoned at split second after split second

after split second, the ominous omni-present. Church bells chime from afar –

the entrance door’s little bell merely tinkles.

I am, but a shadowgraph.

It is me and the cook, the cook and I, we are roaming about, waiting for

languid early birds and jaded late-nighters. Bored by the emptiness,

people-less booths, blasé about what morrow bears.

She enters as the click-clack digits turn 0|4|0|0|.